Who is Dalal Maghribi who Barak hates so much?

Dalal Maghribi was the first woman commander in Palestine’s history of resistance. When she was only twenty years old she led around 10 Palestinians into one of the worst martyrdom missions. After killing many Israeli soldiers they faced the Israeli Special Forces on the way back led by Ehud Barak himself. In the end all of them reached martyrdom. This was so bad for the Zionists that Barak was seen on television dragging the corpse of this brave lady through the ground.


Dalal Maghribi was born in 1958 in the Palestinian camp of Sabra from a Palestinian family originating from Yafa who had refugee status in Lebanon. She went to elementary and middle school in Beirut in schools run by agencies trying to help Palestinian refugees.


She started military training while she was still in school. She was familiarized with various weapons and styles of war. At that time she became famous for her bravery and revolutionary spirit.



The foundational aspects to understanding women

By: Ayatollah Javadi Amoli


1. The meaning of ‘woman’


When we want to speak about the foundational aspects to understanding women, first it is necessary to define what we mean by woman as opposed to man not a woman as opposed to her husband. A woman can take certain titles such as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, and the likes. Each one of these titles comes with special rights which have been mentioned in the books of law and jurisprudence. To make an example and woman with the title of ‘wife’ has been mentioned opposed to the title of ‘husband’ and each one of these titles has rights and duties in relation to the other. The title ‘mother’ has special rights in relation to children and visa-versa that must be observed. The title ‘daughter’ has special rights in relation to the parents. But, these titles will not be discussed in this research – only a woman in respects to being human opposed to a man will be discussed. But, in the continuation of this research other topics will also be dealt with.


2. A woman’s place in the universe

The Price a woman had to pay to wear hijab

Noura Janan is a woman who wears the hijab was quoted on a Turkish television channel saying: “If something happens to me I will say that I love Imam Khomeini but not Attaturk.” This enraged the secularist groups of the country.

noura bazirgan

Raja News narrated from Fars News that Upok News (a Turkish news agency) made a detailed report about this woman.

Who is Noura Janan Bazirgan?

At the beginning Turkish media claimed that Noura Janan Bazirgan was a university student who got into trouble because she protected her hijab. But if one takes a step back they will come across important information.

 When Mrs. Bazirgan did this she was escorted out of the university by police and sentenced to six months in jail. Noura Janan Bazirgan miscarraiged because of the blows that she recieved by the police. Finally, she sought refuge in Canada. She is the first woman to recieve jail time for wearing Islamic clothing in Turkey.

full article: http://www.insight-info.com