Acting in accordance to the words of Iran’s leader is a way to solve the Palestinian Issue

The famous reporter for Qatar’s Al-Jazeera stated that the latest speech by Ayatollah Khamenei in the conference in Tehran is a way to solve the Palestinian Issue. He emphasized the need to form an official organization which would follow up the judicial process condemning the Zionist crimes.

Ghassan bin Jiddu, a famous reporter for Qatar’s Al-Jazeera and who was the head of its Tehran office for sometime, stated in a conversation with a Fars News agent in regards to the latest Palestinian conference that was held in Tehran: “The timing of this conference is very important. I believe that it is the only large conference after the attack on Gaza which supports the resistance.”

Bin Jiddu stated in regards to the recent Sharm al-Shaykh conference: “The Sharm al-Shaykh conference was established with the slogan of rebuilding Gaza. But, I believe that the main purpose behind it was weakening the resistance of Hamas through political and economic blockades. They did this to take away from the victory of the resistance against the Zionist regime.”

In regards to the crimes that the Zionist regime committed against the innocent women and children of Gaza he clearly stated: “After the Gaza War many voices wanted the Zionist regime to be tried. In my opinion for this to be practical an official organization must be formed which would have the responsibility of following up legal battles against the Zionist regime and the crimes they committed against the people of Gaza.”

The reported from Al-Jazeera stated that one of the strengths of the conference was the presence of high Iranian officials in support of Gaza and Palestine. He stated: “It rarely happens that the Supreme Leader, the three heads of the Islamic Republic, and the other high officials of this country, come together and attend a conference. This shows the importance that was given to this conference.”

In regards to the speech by Ayatollah Khamenei, he said: “Iran’s leader spoke about the extremely important issues of the conference. Acting in accordance to what he said would solve many of the problems that the Palestinians are facing.”

Bin Jiddu, a Tunisian reporter, immediately went to the war-torn areas of Gaza after the fighting stopped. He said that the purpose behind this trip was: “To picture the activities and the strength of the resistance and the Palestinian warriors was my clear purpose. Interviews were taken and therefore, I went there to try to show how these military leaders were.”

He ended by saying: “Today the resistance is a reality that cannot be denied. Nobody can weaken it. It is up to us to use them politically in order to overcome the Zionists.”


Supreme Leader meets with the judiciary branch

These are excerpts taken from this speech released on the English version of the Supreme Leader, Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s website: 

The demand that was made seven years ago urging the heads of the three movement branches to seriously and decisively fight economic corruption is still important

 These valuable measures which were taken within the framework of the general policies and the second development plan of the judiciary branch must be pursued fully and seriously.

 This proper position is equivalent to generating the general feeling that the judiciary branch is faithful and fair in administering justice

 The leadership of Ayatollah Shahrudi who is a knowledgeable, scholarly person and the presence of prominent personalities in the judiciary branch provide good opportunities in order to improve this branch of the government and help it achieve the position it deserves.

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Supreme Leaders speech on Fatimah Zahra’s (a) Birthday

These are the words of the Supreme Leader taken from his speech given on the anniversary of Fatimah Zahra (a) and Imam Khomeini (r)’s birthdays. It is a translation of what was released on his site.


Love of the Ahlul-Bayt (a), especially Fatimah Zahra (a) is a great field to show artistic ability. Therefore, the more people of thought and feelings ponder upon this reality the more gems they will achieve.


Refer to the words and narrations of the Pure Imams (a) and with the help of this family put your artistic abilities and feelings into the service of these infallibles (a).


The Islamic Revolution was not only an event in Iranian history, rather it was a special occurrence in world history. The more times passes the realities and effects of it become clearer.


For centuries the world is quickly going after a material understanding in life. But, the Islamic revolution of Iran has stood up to this great wave and has increased spiritual knowledge and desire for spiritualism, even in western youth.


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The Supreme leader speaks to members of the eighth parliament


June 10th, 2008


These are excerpts of his speech. The complete speech will be translated as soon as it is released.


khamenei 2008


“The members of the parliament must be for the people and remain for the people.”


“The establishment of an Islamic society with a just government is a middle step which will lay the groundwork for the achievement of prophetic goals – the spiritual perfection of man.”


“These duties, when one is in the very sensitive seat of legislation for the country, become extremely difficult and important.”


“Legislation in any country and nation is important in and of itself. But, for a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran and for a huge nation like Iran who have opened a new door for humanity, the importance is much greater.”


“The authority of Allah (walayatullah) is the foundation of Islamic thought. Allah has given the right to people to give this authority to a person or a group. This form of authority and giving right has been implemented in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran – namely, in voting. This foundational and deep principle is a belief in a democratic religion.”


“In the viewpoint of Islam, authority lies only with Allah. This authority is only acceptable through divine implementation which has been established in accordance to the book [Quran] and the sunnah in the constitution. With this viewpoint, the representatives of the nation will be transformed into an authority which stems from divine authority. Because of this, a law which is ratified must be implemented by all.”


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The Supreme Leader’s meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister

The following are translations of Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s words that have been released on the Farsi edition of


 khamenei nouri maliki

“We are certain that the people of Iraq will pass through these difficult times by their unity and courage reaching a place worthy of them. America’s dreams of Iraq will definitely not articulate themselves.”


“Iraq’s prime minister’s travel to Tehran and the agreements that were made have solidified the unbreakable ties between Iran and Iraq even more.”


“The single movement and the single speech that has come into place in Iraq is a huge success. But, this word ‘unity’ has enemies, who, in reality, are the enemies of the government and the people of Iraq.”


“The occupiers who, without any right, interfere in Iraqi issues with their military and security forces are after things from everyone – from the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people, and the Iraqi elite. They are the greatest problem.”


Islamic Revolution belongs to all now and then generations

Islamic Revolution Leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in an address to thousands of people at the Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum said according to the late Imam’s guidelines the Islamic Revolution belongs to all now and then Iranian generations and the Iranian big nation would preserve this great and divine achievement under performing the late Imam’s guidelines in his last will and maintaining the Islamic Revolution’s slogans, values and principles under progress and innovation.

Ayatollah Khamenei

Pointing to the permanent affection of the Iranian nation specially the youth generation to the late Imam Khomeini Ayatollah Khamenei said, “This affection and respect to the late is not just belonged to the Iranian nation but the people around the world specially the Islamic countries have the same feelings towards Imam Khomeini which originated from two main reasons: Greatness of the Imam Khomeini and greatness of the Islamic Revolution.

He lauded Imam Khomeini’s unique personality and said, “The Islamic Revolution of Iran like Islam has different political, economic, social, cultural and spiritual fields and is compatible with needs of mankind. This issue has made the Islamic Revolution lasting and promoted it worldwide.”

Islamic Revolution Leader termed the last will of Imam Khomeini as the best spiritual heritage and guideline for the nation in all issues and developments and underlined that the nation from different walks of life specially the youth generation and heads of three branches of government should think deeply about the Imam’s words in his last will because it is a great guideline for the Iranian nation.

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