The expansion of NATO puts the world in danger

A diplomat of the United Nations stated that the expansion of NATO will put world peace in danger.

Hans Christof von Spneck, an active diplomat in the United Nations and a critic of NATO warned about the expansion of NATO in an interview.

He also said in a German University that NATO is a threat to many countries right now. This threat creates reaction and the more that this organization grows the more danger it will present.

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10 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

NATO announced that some of its soldiers were killed in the explosion of a suicide attack in Afghanistan.

Afghan security sources quoting NATO officials who are based in Afghanistan announced that six NATO soldiers were found amongst the bodies of the dead in a martyrdom mission. These soldiers were trying to secure the region along with Afghan forces.

According to this report, another explosion in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan took the lives of four Canadian NATO soldiers on Friday.

Another soldier was killed in southern Afghanistan but the details surrounding his death have not been released yet.

In another attack on a military base in the east of Afghanistan at least six people and one police officer were killed. The Taliban has taken responsibility for all of the attacks.

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Nato Culture: Peace for the west and war for the rest

Summary: The Islamic revolution of Iran quickly spread Islamic Awakening. This movement brought about reactions in the west in both the intellectual and the practical arenas. On the intellectual side thoughts emerged which were given the title of the ‘clash of civilizations.’ Maybe Huntington’s sentence: “The future is for Islam and Islam will make the west fall,” clarifies which side will win for all of the politicians in the west.


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When the Second World War ended the powers that be established a temporary union so that they could benefit more from their victories in peace and divide the power better between each other. On the one side they wanted peace and on the other they were after more power and wealth by moving ahead of their adversaries. This caused the cold war between the East and the West.


During the cold war years, especially at the beginning, there was a sort of grouping between the East and the West. The Western countries sided with each other just like the Eastern countries did. The Liberal west with America at its head was more successful in taking out its socialist neighbors so that socialism would not influence the west.


The scholars of the liberal powers intellectually stood up to the socialists next to the military. They used the term modernization for this. This style of thought was sent to most third world countries. Most of these western scholars confessed in the 1990s that bringing modernization to the third world was not done completely. They only gave some thoughts and plans to the countries so that they would be on the way to modernization but would never get there. The reason behind this is that they did not want these countries to be competitors to America and to keep them forever reliant on the west.


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