National Reform in Iraq warns about the return of Ba’thist agents

The Iraqi political party National Reform led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari expressed fear about the return of the Ba’thist party in the Iraqi political arena.

The National Reform party, led by the former prime minister, in a statement announced that the return of the Ba’thist party to the Iraqi political arena is something that must be rejected – whether it is in the form of a group or an ideological current. National unity must not mean the return of this party to the political scene.

This Iraqi political party, in this statement, said that it is necessary for all Iraqis to participate in the political process, except those who committed crimes against theIraqi people.

In the present week, whispers of communication between the Iraqi government and some branches of the Ba’thist party traveled through Baghdad. This was rejected by official sources.

It was mentioned in an Arabic newspaper not long ago that the Ba’thist party has connections with some western states with the purpose of regaining power.

According to that report, Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries, pressured by America, demand the return of the Ba’thist party to the Iraqi political scene.

The Iraqi government emphasized time and time again that, according to the constitution, the Ba’thist party cannot return to the political arena of this country.

Islam Times