The Gaza war – the defeat of Zionism and cultural Arabs

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

The unfortunate events that are taking place in Gaza, with all of its moving dimensions, burns the hearts of all freemen throughout the world. Infants without heads, children drowning in blood, mothers who lost everything that they had – their children and husband – at one time, and the destruction with the owners imprisoned under their destroyed buildings for eternity are rendering. But, this is only one side of the Gaza situation. The other side is the amazing resistance that the oppressed people are showing. They are not struggling against the Zionists alone, rather they are also being punished at the same time by the hatred of trader Arab regimes.

The reports that have been seen show that this tragic event in Gaza occurs from that which the regimes of cultural Arabs want and the profit that America has made from oil transactions. The profits that they made went straight into Israeli military weapons – cluster bombs, phospheric bombs, lazer weapons, and duzmaneh bombs which also came from the pockets of Arabs and from the Muslim treasury. The media in the corners of the world discovered many secrets and they leaked that the plans of this war started in meetings with political members of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan on the one side and Israel and America in Egypt on the other. The reason that Bush, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and Shimon Perez, the president of Israel, in New York under the banner of religious dialogue was discovered. Teiri Mayson, a French researcher, establishes this with small differences and shows that the Camp David regime of Egypt, the Saudi family regime, and the Zionist regime are three sides of a triangle which planned and are carrying out the attack on Gaza. Mayson clearly stated that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are Israel’s allies in this war for the first time in history.

Other sources did not mention the participation of Jordan in the meetings in Egypt. But, while confirming the rest of the cases that made up the multiple meetings in the last couple of months, speak of cooperation between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel. In history Arab regimes have opened their hands up to Israeli crimes against Palestine, but for the first time they have become Israel’s allies and are pressuring Israel to completely destroy Hamas.

Other sources report the direct involvement of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s security advisor, in the evil events that are taking place. Bandar bin Sultan who traveled to Israel twice right after the 33-Day-War against Lebanon and accepted the Saudi Arabian payment for new wars against Hizbollah. He insisted that Ehud Olmert and other Israeli political figures to start a new war against Hizbollah. Olmert and his partners wanted to use this golden oppurtunity to use their strategic experience, but the dimensions and depth of Israel’s defeat in Lebanon was so great that no Israeli or military or security official was willing to start a new round of war in Lebanon, even if Saudi Arabia is paying for it. They said that Israel would loose.

Now Israel and Arab regimes have played their roles to the full and, as Mayson states, the Zionist triangle has let its dogs loose to do whatever they can. The newspaper Yehudiat Arinovut spoke of the Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia’s demand from Olmert – the complete destruction of Hamas and not to allow Ismail Haniyah to become a second Nasrallah. At the same time Shimon Eshtein, Israel’s previous ambassador to the United Nations, leaded that Mahmoud Abbas, along with this evil triangle, wanted Israel to forget about the political environment in the world and to destroy Hamas – to hit Gaza so hard so that it will never be able to stand on its two feet again.

Now we greater understand the inhumane measures that Mubarak has recently committed in closing the Rafah Crossing. The crossing was closed at the request of Mahmoud Abbas and with the support of the leaders of Egypt and Jordan. At the same time they requested that the Israeli military to completely surround Gaza.

It would be good to go over this issue one more time so no doubt remains about the cultural Arabs desire for the Zionist regime to win the war in Gaza and that they encouraged the Zionist regime many times in order to start such a war. With Israel’s defeat in this war both sides, the traitor Arabs and the Israelis will feel like nothing.

Mubarak’s physical condition in the past few days has been reported as being very ill. This is because of the huge defeat that the Camp David regime feels in regards to the weakness of the Israeli army. The Israeli warmongering regime wanted to win in Gaza and have their political party be introduced as the victors. But, the pure blood of the oppressed people in Gaza will cause their defeat – this is the culture of history.

Today, what will Mubarak say to the Egyptian nation and the rest of the Arab world? How will he explain his cooperation with the occupying forces in the genocide of the people of Gaza? How can the ‘servants of the two holy places’ the Saudi Arabians explain their part in the genocide against the people of Gaza. The triangle of Bush, the cultural Arabs, and Israel tried to make in the last few days of the neocon government has destroyed itself and there is no more credibility left for these evil leaders. They have transformed the United Nations, the Security Council, and all other international organizations into a laughing stock. But, practically, they think more about their weak plans than ever, they rebuke each other, and this is the continuous culture of history.



Refugees: the Principle Issue of Palestine

Palestinian Flag

Palestinian Flag

Rafit Nasir, a member of the political wing of Hamas, severely condemned the latest statements of Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PLO in which he disregarded the right of return. Nasir stated that the refugees are the most important Palestinian issue and there is no way of solving the issue other than return. He emphasized that the right of return is a holy right and an individual-social right and that nobody has the right to disregard it. Any agreements made in this area are invalid and are not necessary for any Palestinian to observe.

In regards to the national talks in Palestine, he said that the only path of success would be to look into foundational issues such as correcting the organization of free Palestine, correcting the organization of security forces implementing nationalistic guidelines, and returning lost credibility to Palestinian institutions and organizations.

In regards to the presidential term of Mahmoud Abbas which will end in a couple of months, Nasir said that any one sided movement is outside of the national agreement and is in opposition to the constitution. It is never in favor of a national debate and nobody should act or take positions which would destroy talks before they start. Everyone must respect the law and consider themselves as the implementers of the law.

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