The Middle East after the Gaza War



In the past sixty years the Israeli regime has been implementing a strategy in order to prolong and expand its life. This strategy uses three effective factors; a powerful military, geopolitical allies, and public opinion. Israel has now entered a stage where the implementation of this strategy has come to an end.

Emanuel, in an article titled ‘The story of Israel; a prediction of suicide’ states that Israel has surpassed internal conditions of success. He states that the age when Israel’s superior military might made those that opposed them surrender, the age when France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Russia broke their backs to be Israel’s allies, and the age when Tel Aviv relied upon the exaggerated holocaust in order to explain their expansive nature have come to an end. Now, there is not a powerful army facing this regime, children and teenagers are facing them and who do not flee the battlefield when faced by F35 warplanes and special war helicopters. In this war, when one person was killed, ten other stood up. Today, there is no desire to improve relations with Tel Aviv, even America’s voice is starting to be heard. The energy taken from the holocaust has run out and there is no other possibility for them to invent a new story. Oppositely, the stories of Gaza and Qana are being broadcasted over and over again and are playing a role in newspapers to incite feelings towards Palestine.

Israel has reached such a stage that Kaufman, the Jewish representative in the English Parliament and a member of the Labor Party, clearly stated that he distances himself from the crimes of the Tel Aviv government. He even pressures the English government to implement the prohibition of selling arms to Israel. Kaufman, according to the newspaper World Press Daily Herald, states that Tzipi Livni’s is father Eitan Livni who was the head of the terrorist missions of the Irgun (National Military Organization in the Land of Israel) group which planned the explosion of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where 91 people were killed, four of them being Jews. He added that Israel was created by Jewish terrorists. Jewish terrorists hung two English officers. Irgun, next to Eshtern, killed 254 Palestinians in the village Diryassine, 1948.

After the Gaza 22-Day-War, the Zionist regime is faced with many questions – not only by Muslims, but by their most important supporters as well. These questions include political, legal, security, military, and cultural subjects. If we look at European, and even American, newspapers we would see that they are being defended much less than they were in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The number of articles being written about the pains of Palestine is thousands of times greater than the number of them in the 60s and 70s. This is the case when the United Nations wrote many resolutions against the government in Tel Aviv during that age – but the European, American, Russian, Chinese, and many other countries media outlets supported Israel, not giving any importance to what happens to the Palestinians.

Moshe Yalon, the previous chief of staff of the Zionist regime’s armed forces said in 2002: “Palestinians must realize deep down that they are a defeated people.” When Yalon publically announced this many others thought the same way as him. But today, about seven years later, Israel is in a strange position.

The Zionist regime in the war against Gaza, according to Olmert’s confessions, used all of its resources for victory. Look at his loss of words at the end of the war when he said: “The Israeli armed forces used all ground and sea resources in their brilliant missions.” And: “The Israeli armed forces had good training and were equipped with everything that they needed.” Again: “We spend two years preparing the people of Israel.” And: “All decisions were made after deep discussions.” Again: “I received letters today from the heads of Russia, England, Italy, Germany, and France which announced their unconditional support of Israel, especially in the issue of making sure that Hamas does not have the ability to get weapons.” Finally: “I am announcing the important role that Hosni Mubarak played in the Middle East and his efforts for reaching a cease-fire.”

In reality, Olmert is confessing that what occurred in the 365 square-kilometers of Gaza and in facing the resistance forces was the complete internal, international, and regional ability of the Zionist regime. The size of Gaza is about 1.3 percent of Palestine and Palestine is about the size of a middle-sized county in Iran. When this regime was defeated by resistance forces it is understood that they cannot be considered a power in the Middle East. Look at the phrases that Nahum Barney, an analysist of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, printed in Tel Aviv, which were printed in the first days of the war against Gaza: “This military advancement must have happened quicker, but doing it is better than not doing it. How can a country that cannot face Hamas warn Iran and support its interests in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority?”

Israel has even lost face for Mahmoud Abbas, Hosni Mubarak, and prince Abdullah, their allies, in securing their regimes against the human wave of Islamic awakening in the region. Today they are in dire straits. From one side Mahmoud Abbas said that Hamas is the axis of any movement in Palestine, Hosni Mubarak and his foreign minister continually praise the Palestinian resistance, and prince Abdullah introduced himself as the protector of Palestinian principles and freedom. These show the geopolitical change in the region.

Yedioth Ahronoth quoted a high-ranking Israeli officer of the armed forces who helped plan the attacks on Gaza: “What happened in Gaza was the largest military mission in Israeli history.” Haaretz also wrote: “Barak used all of this might in these missions.” The under-secretary of the International Federation of Human Rights in the United Nations officially announced three days ago: “Israeli crimes in Gaza were unprecedented in the last 40 years in the whole world.”

In the 22-Day-War helped the birth of a new Middle East without knowing what it was doing. This will be a Middle East that where a unified Israel, America, Europe, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and with using the most crimes and the most military strength will not be effective and the resistance of a small public group will have much more effect than them.

Toda, the legal condition of Tel Aviv and along with it the legal condition of the occupation has left their fold and is now being reviewed by other nations. Today tens of courts in tens of countries are prepared to review the crimes of Israel committed in Gaza and they are prepared to issue a ruling against Israel. It is not a distant expectation for at least 50 countries to organize such courts and Olmert will be faced with 50 judgments. These judgments would be effective in the Zionist regime’s foreign relations and would open the mouths of the many people who oppose that regime throughout the world. The wave of critical articles against Tel Aviv has risen and at the same time the Palestinian nation, the 27,070 square kilometers, is coming to life. It is not bad to end the article with the words of Patrick Seale, a European political opinionist in the newspaper al-Hayat: “The war that Israel started in Gaza is a form of political insanity. This war achieved making the society in Israel extremely nervous.