The Iranian satellite is a great step for countries that are opposed to America

Samir Qintar

Samir Qintar

Israel’s longest held Lebanese prisoner said that the Iranian satellite is a hope for nations that are opposed to America.

The newspaper Al-Safir, Lebanon, wrote: Samir Qintar, Israel’s longest held Lebanese prisoner stated in the Firdosi University in Mashad, Iran: “Iran’s satellite being sent into orbit is an important intellectual step for nations that are in opposition to America and western countries.”

Qintar, in addition to stating the important intellectual step, he considered this step to be a new military step for Iran as well. He stated that this puts Iran in the list of strong countries which the Zionist regime will try to strike secretly and openly.

The longest held Israeli Lebanese prisoner traveled to Iran during the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and met with Iranian officials and thousands of children of martyrs, people who were injured in the Iran-Iraq war, and former POWs.

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