Masha Alalykina coverts to Islam

Masha Alalykina is a famous name in Russia and Russian speaking countries. Two years ago she was an attractive artist and model. Her fame reached its peak and her music group – Fabrika– was at the top of the charts.


Masha, the former star of the cinema, dancing, and music (google her are you will see how popular she was), now wears a hijab and is teaching. She says that she hates the fake façade of her past and now feels that she is successful.


The following is a translation of an interview with this Muslim artist on the Russian site How did you put all of your success behind you and accept Islam?


Masha: By Allah’s grace I took a step in his direction. This was the will of Allah. When you were a singer did you ever think that you would become Muslim, fast, and perform the pilgrimage?


Masha: No. It did not even cross my mind that I might perform the pilgrimage and drink the best water – the water of Zamzam. Was the path that you took which led you to Islam a long path?


Masha: I became Muslim two years ago. I was reading one day when I realized that one of my close friends slipped into a coma in another city. I did not know how I could help my friend. That day, for the first time, I prayed and made supplications asking God for help.


The next day that same friend called me and said: “I saw you when I was unconscious and you helped me a lot.” I cried a lot at that instant because it was the first time in my life that I wanted something from God.

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The Price a woman had to pay to wear hijab

Noura Janan is a woman who wears the hijab was quoted on a Turkish television channel saying: “If something happens to me I will say that I love Imam Khomeini but not Attaturk.” This enraged the secularist groups of the country.

noura bazirgan

Raja News narrated from Fars News that Upok News (a Turkish news agency) made a detailed report about this woman.

Who is Noura Janan Bazirgan?

At the beginning Turkish media claimed that Noura Janan Bazirgan was a university student who got into trouble because she protected her hijab. But if one takes a step back they will come across important information.

 When Mrs. Bazirgan did this she was escorted out of the university by police and sentenced to six months in jail. Noura Janan Bazirgan miscarraiged because of the blows that she recieved by the police. Finally, she sought refuge in Canada. She is the first woman to recieve jail time for wearing Islamic clothing in Turkey.

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Turkish Court Annuls Hijab Ruling

A law allowing women to wear the headscarf at university was overturned by Turkey’s constitutional court yesterday, a decision that threatens the ruling party with closure for allegedly promoting Islam.

erdogan and wife

The powerful 11-member court, the stronghold of secularists, voted 9-2 to reverse changes made this year relaxing restrictions on the wearing of the headscarf.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister – whose headscarf-wearing daughters study in the US, where no such restriction exists – had maintained that prohibiting the scarf in higher education was an infringement of women’s rights. But the court said that the changes required to allow the scarf to be worn infringed the secularist principles of the constitution.

In February Turkish MPs voted to amend the constitution to lift curbs on the headscarf in universities by 411 votes to 103. President Abdullah Gül, who helped to found the ruling AK party, approved this two weeks later. Yesterday’s decision has been heralded as a precursor to another case being heard in the same court regarding Mr Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AK). The headscarf vote in parliament is a mainstay of the case against AK, which a top prosecutor wants banned for pursuing an alleged Islamist agenda since it came to office in 2002. He also wants to exclude 71 party members, including Mr Erdogan, from politics for five years. A ruling is expected soon.

The Constitutional Court verdict issued Thursday says amendments that were passed by Parliament in February ran counter to constitutional provisions which say Turkey is a secular republic and that this principle is unalterable, a court statement said.

Secularists claim the move would undermine the secular state.

The headscarf reform plays a central role in a separate court case that seeks to shut down the AK Party for anti-secular activities, and ban 71 members, including the prime minister and the president, from belonging to a political party for five years.

Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek was reported by broadcaster CNN Turk as saying he would comment on the matter once he had read the court’s ruling.

“We must see the justification for the decision,” Cicek, who is also government spokesman, was reported as saying.

Lifting the headscarf ban was one of the most significant moves on religious issues in predominantly Muslim but secular Turkey since a military coup in 1980 that led to a crackdown on individual rights.

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Michelle Malkin: Enemy of the People and US Constitution?

This is a lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation.” Ezekiel 19:10-14

michelle malkin

After reading several of the right wing blogs, and the comments left mostly by right wing supporters commenting on the Michelle Malkin, Rachel Ray scarf situation, I realized that Michelle Malkin, who
poses as a mere conservative columnist and commentator is actually more likely an enemy of the people of this country, that is out to undo our Constitution. I know it sounds far fetched, but when you read the titles of this woman’s books, and her opinions on rights and freedoms, it becomes pretty clear that she is no patriot, and that she has not grasped the importance of individual liberties as essential elements of freedom and self governance, and has no respect for US law and traditions.

Either like, or along with the Judeo / Christian religious right who is almost daily taking actions aimed at limiting, depriving and violating the constitutional rights of US citizens through the use of public censure, and threats, Malkin is out to demonstrate how the Constitution can be forced into obsolescence simply with a flick of the pen, a few wicked and inflammatory lies, and threats. Whereas the law may not necessarily prohibit the right of any person to hold a view such as Malkin’s, such tactics might be criminal if carried out with others like racketeering, according to some readings of the RICOH Act.

When such tactics and views become the methodology of choice for a number of people and organizations, working in concert, and very obviously acting to overthrow the constitution of this country and to replace it with their unethical, racist and fascist Judeo/Christian ideology, America has a problem and it’s bigger than Dunkin Donuts.

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