Imam Khomeini’s Political Thought

The Supreme leader speaks to members of the eighth parliament


June 10th, 2008


These are excerpts of his speech. The complete speech will be translated as soon as it is released.


khamenei 2008


“The members of the parliament must be for the people and remain for the people.”


“The establishment of an Islamic society with a just government is a middle step which will lay the groundwork for the achievement of prophetic goals – the spiritual perfection of man.”


“These duties, when one is in the very sensitive seat of legislation for the country, become extremely difficult and important.”


“Legislation in any country and nation is important in and of itself. But, for a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran and for a huge nation like Iran who have opened a new door for humanity, the importance is much greater.”


“The authority of Allah (walayatullah) is the foundation of Islamic thought. Allah has given the right to people to give this authority to a person or a group. This form of authority and giving right has been implemented in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran – namely, in voting. This foundational and deep principle is a belief in a democratic religion.”


“In the viewpoint of Islam, authority lies only with Allah. This authority is only acceptable through divine implementation which has been established in accordance to the book [Quran] and the sunnah in the constitution. With this viewpoint, the representatives of the nation will be transformed into an authority which stems from divine authority. Because of this, a law which is ratified must be implemented by all.”


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