The Anti Defamation League Shelters Christian Zionism

An unnamed reporter from the Anti Defamation League (ADL) claimed to be present at the JAM Islamic conference for Peace in suburban Baltimore on August 16th where I was one of the speakers. My topic, Christian Zionism, may sound unusual for an Islamic conference, but not to the event sponsor, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, whose conference theme was unity for peace. *1)

The ADL took exception to a number of speakers, including former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark. “Peace” seems to be a threat to the ADL. In its official publication the ADL carried no less than three stories about the conference and had this to say about your writer:

Charles (“Chuck”) E. Carlson is a co-founder and director of We Hold These Truths, an Arizona-based Christian anti-Semitic group. We Hold These Truths has held demonstrations around the county outside churches it views as supporting Zionism. *2)

The ADL frequently arranges for interference with meetings where it does not want the subject matter aired. This writer has twice previously been among the scheduled speakers at meetings where the host hotel was intimidated to cancel the banquet room accommodations on the day of the event. I was told there was pressure from unnamed, but presumed powerful local businessmen thought to be associated with the ADL. In each case the hotel management caved under pressure, and at no small legal risk to their companies, they put the scheduled meeting in the street. In both cases the meeting, one in Sacramento CA and the other in Orange County CA were able to reconvene hastily elsewhere.

A more damaging case revealing how the ADL attempts to silence those exposing Christian Zionism.  Duke University was the scheduled site of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement’s two-day conference on October 15, 2004. That time the Anti-Defamation League publicly objected to several speakers it labeled as “anti-Semites.” It also claimed one student speaker was prone to petty violence.

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ADL Hates You

ADL Hates You