Slaughter in the Name of Self-Defense

Shaykh Muhammad Ali Elahi

Shaykh Muhammad Ali Elahi

Do the followers of Judaism realize that Jews and Muslims need to live in peace and respect? Israel’s military attack in Gaza is perpetuated by a military industrial complex promoting an ethnic tyranny, not a religion with morals and honor. Israel is slaughtering Palestinians with the support of some Arab dictators and President George W. Bush’s disgraceful diplomacy.

Israel is trying to break the back of any resistance and to punish Palestinians in Gaza for electing representation by Hamas in a fair, free and democratic vote, and to prevent them from doing the same in the future. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is trying to get more seats in the Israeli Knesset by bombing and burning Palestinian babies.

What Israel is doing is not self-defense but racist genocide, a crime against justice, international laws, the United Nations charter, the Geneva Convention, and human conscience. It is a holocaust in the true sense of the word. The Old Testament calls for an eye for an eye, not 500 eyes for one eye, yet that is the godless Zionist ideology.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 81 percent of the Israelis actually back the Gaza massacres. Apparently, 41 years of occupying, kidnapping, torturing, killing and depriving a civilian population of 1.5 million of food, water, and medicine was not enough, so Israel had to use almost one thousand airstrikes and repeat its invasion of the area with tanks and heavy fire against one of the poorest places on this planet?

Their own behavior is so extremely embarrassing for the Israeli government and army that there has been a media blackout, and journalists have not been allowed into the area. Zionists know that their ugly actions are indefensible.  I feel horrible for many members of the Jewish community both inside and outside of Israel who would love a logical solution for this conflict but are shamed by those who are trying to turn the 21st century back to the Dark Ages, thinking they can solve every problem by killing and cutting the heads of anyone who doesn’t submit.

Where are religious leaders to promote peace and love among Abraham’s children? Where are the Pope and the rabbis? Where are the Christians? Aren’t there any honest and courageous leaders to stop this bloody game and bring some dignity to their leadership positions? Silence may protect them from the Israeli lobby and media, but it won’t save them from God’s justice and the consequences of this barbaric blood bath.

This war, poverty, and racism against Palestinians couldn’t last that long if the religious leaders and especially the rabbis had blessed their nation with the light of love, logic, justice, and reconciliation.

Making clear the Zionist position on human rights, Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said in February 1994: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Zionist Christian leaders, who fuel the fire with the Armageddon ideology and promote war and destruction, are partners in killing the poor and powerless. Using F-16s to bomb mosques, schools, ambulances, hospitals, and family homes is the exact opposite of what Jesus would do.

Why are Americans allowing their tax money to financially sustain a country which goes completely against our national values of equality and anti-racism, and whose ongoing criminality threatens our own national security?

Thank God the people of the world will not suffer from this kind of leadership crisis forever. The Bible and the Qur’an explain that the earth will eventually be inherited by the righteous and honorable people and those corrupt, cowardly criminals who just care for their palaces and have no sympathy for humanity won’t be in power for long.

If rockets from Gaza are the cause for this bloodbath, why did Israel murder 45 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2008? Israel invaded Gaza 41 years ago. After destroying the infrastructure, Israel withdraw its forces three years ago but never ended its sea, air, and land blockade and continued to assassinate Palestinian leaders. Hamas agreed to continue the cease-fire with two conditions: Israel ends the blockade and stops targeting and killing the citizens of Gaza. Israel rejected both conditions and made this bloody choice for its petty political purposes.

While the starving people encaged in Gaza have been shooting homemade projectiles for a while, Israel deliberately chose the Christmas season for its mass murder spree, knowing that with schools and offices closed and people away from the internet enjoying the long weekend with relatives, the public would be slow to react to the horror and organize protests. Israel chose the New Year to take advantage of the world leaders’ vacation time to finish the Gaza resistance, but so many days later, there is still no news of any Israeli victory, just ever-worsening reports of barbarism and blood. Israel disrespected the Christian holiday celebrating the birthday of Jesus, who was born to bring peace and end injustice and oppression. Jesus was a Palestinian.

Billions of people are watching Gaza. Israeli writer Uri Avnery writes that an entire generation of hate will result of this aggression: “That is a terrible price, which we will be compelled to pay long after the other results of the war have been forgotten in Israel.”

Billions of people all around the world are watching this Israeli experiment in Gaza. They see the horrific pictures, they see so many corpses spread out on the ground, they see a family which has lost all its children, they see hospitals without medicine, and they see the wounded without anesthetics. Israel is using radioactive bombs and liquid phosphorous on a crowded civilian area.

We Muslims don’t hate Jews and have nothing against Judaism. Ironically, we believe in the prophethood of Moses more than majority of the Jews. Yet we hate this genocide in Gaza and have no hope in any of the present Jewish leadership.

Depending on petty puppets like Mahmud Abbas and Hosni Mubarak is wrong. They will end up in the junkyard of the history. The Jews and the Muslims need to live next to each other with peace and respect as we do here in America.

The Palestinians deserve to live with freedom, justice, dignity, and peace. Israel has no justification for depriving them from these basic rights. The Palestinians are human beings, not snakes, scorpions, or cockroaches like some Israeli religious and political leaders have called them. The Palestinians didn’t occupy anyone’s land. They have suffered insults, humiliation, and discrimination for 60 years. All good Americans respect the struggle against tyranny. As Patrick Henry said on March 23, 1775, “Give me liberty or give me death.”