Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

The Jewish anti-Zionist movement is picking up and one of the heads of this movement is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. He is the son of holocaust survivors and lost many family members to the crimes of Germany in the Second World War.
He is an active member of the anti-Zionist Jewish group called Neturei Karta International and currently lives in New York.

He often speaks out against the crimes of Israel and Zionism. He has conducted interviews with numerous websites and has travelled to numerous countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Defending the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he said: “”it is dangerous deviation to pretend that the Iranian president is anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic. He is extremely friendly and he understands the difference between the Zionists and the Jews who do not embrace the state of Israel… We don”t look at him as an enemy.”

This is what he said about his trip to Iran: “When we traveled to Iran, the humbleness we found … it is a country where people are God fearing.. they believe in God and they serve God… you can see the difference between that society and the society here – depravation is so great, where you have television, immorality, immodesty and so forth. Your children grow up with they say democracy but democracy originally meant freedom to serve God…but unfortunately today many are preaching freedom to exclude God, in other words free from God…
The propaganda against this (Islam and Muslims) comes from Zionism which is in opposition to this because they are busy trying to portray their problem with the Muslim people as a problem between two religions – Judaism and Islam. The fact is it is not a problem between Judaism and Islam because if it had been so then why did the Jewish people lived peacefully … in harmony … in all the Muslim countries before Zionism? Only in the last hundred years the problem has started and it grew as Zionism grew. Clearly Zionism is the problem..” Source

Here, in a letter written to Bush, is an example of his political stances:

Dear Honorable President Bush,
It has been brought to our attention that Agudath Israel of America has recently written a letter to you ( October 5, 2001 ) purporting to express the sentiments of “our constituency of Orthodox Jews all across the United States.” The letter first offers its support for your efforts against “radical terrorist groups.” It then proceeds to a lengthy exhortation that you continue a “long and proud history” of “standing with” and “protecting” the state of Israel .
There is little doubt that American support of Israel has been well intentioned. However, we wish to bring to your attention that the Agudath Israel letter, in its assertion of Orthodox support of Israel, is to a significant degree a falsification of the public record and capable of causing much anguish if left uncorrected.
First, there is far from unanimity in Orthodox Jewish ranks in America on many of the matters touched in the Agudath Israel letter. Many Orthodox Jews are opposed to Israeli statehood and see its very existence as contrary to Torah principles. Jews are forbidden by their faith to have a state before the coming of the Messiah. These Jews, of which our organization, Neturei Karta International, is representative, believe that the state is fundamentally illegitimate on both religious and moral grounds. We are further convinced that its continued presence in the Middle East is a sure source of endless political and military agony for the Jews and Gentiles of the region and, indeed, around the world.
In fact, at the core of the letter you received, Mr. President, is the implicit assumption that Israel and world Jewry are, in some way, identical and that the state embodies Jewish values. Unfortunately, it is true that Zionist triumphalism has seduced many Jews into accepting the notion that Israel is a world representative of the Jewish people. However, it is clear from the most superficial perusal of the state’s policies (both internal and external) that it in no way stands for or represents the faith of Jewry or its fairly considered best interests. In fact, the state consistently legislates and acts in violation of numerous Torah imperatives.
Zionism, a relatively recent arrival on the world scene, was, at its late nineteenth century inception, opposed by almost all of world Jewish leadership of whatever denomination and by the masses of believing Jews. This opposition has continued in many Orthodox Jews throughout this century. Frequently, voices were raised predicting endless suffering should the state become a reality. Those voices have sadly proven prophetic.
In sum, Mr. President, please do not feel constrained by your sincere desire to befriend the Jewish people, to likewise befriend the Israeli state. The name “ Israel ” or “Jewish State”, is simply a misnomer. Jews and the Zionist State , are not the same thing, in fact they are diametrically opposite.
All concerned have spent the past half a century searching in in vain for a settlement of the Israeli ? Palestinian impasse. It is our belief that all these efforts were metaphysically and practically doomed to failure. It is only through the non ? violent dismantling of the Israeli state that the peoples of the Middle East will finally live in peace.
May the Creator grant that all mankind worship Him together in brotherhood and harmony.
We thank you in advance for your kind consideration of our sentiments.

I would suggest that work with the anti-Zionist Jews in weakening the power that the Zionist lobby has in western countries. Most westerners do not even know that such a group of anti-Zionist Jews exist and if they were educated they might change their mind. It is one thing if Palestinians and Muslims are saying that we are being oppressed and it is another thing if rabbis come out and say it.

What do you think?

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Challenging Zionism at UT

Supporters of Palestinian rights organized a counter-protest to stand up to a misnamed “peace rally” called by Texans for Israel (TFI)–and the success of the show of solidarity for Palestine is spurring more activism.

The pro-Israel demonstration was called for the University of Texas’ West Mall in the aftermath of Israel’s 22-day onslaught against Gaza, which killed at least 1,300 Palestinians, including 438 children. The Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) organized a counter-demonstration.

TFI turned out about 50 demonstrators, including a speaker from the Israeli consulate in Houston. By comparison, the ranks of the counter-demonstration swelled to around 250, dwarfing the pro-Israel crowd with its miniature Israeli flags and paving the way for an eventual takeover of the stage.

Some experienced pro-Palestine activists paced the thin buffer zone between the two groups, helping to lead chants and urging the increasingly vocal crowd forward. From the back, other participants, many with homemade signs, shouted out refutations to the claims made by TFI speakers.

“The pro-Israel speakers rushed through their sets, while being for all practical purposes drowned out at the end of each sentence with chanting,” one PSC member, Isaac Kalish, wrote on his blog. “The playing of the Israeli national anthem was completely upstaged by the chant of ‘Free, Free, Palestine!’ At the end, the stage was claimed by our side.

Kalish added that the counter-protest marked an “escape from the marginal position the Palestine movement has been in on campus…There has been a sea change in student sentiment from only two months ago.”

Following the event, the PSC called a meeting where over 60 people crammed a small classroom and launched a campaign centered in part around pushing for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

Members of student groups that normally haven’t participated in this type of organizing, such as the College Democrats, attended and are involved in the campaign. Thus, at the rally, the president emeritus of the College Democrats spoke from the stage for TFI–while the current president of the College Democrats attended the pro-Gaza side.

The university is now “investigating” PSC for allegedly allowing off-campus groups to “officially” use university space. This is unfounded, and is no doubt the result of complaints from TFI.

There is no sense that anyone in the new committee can be intimidated for exercising their democratic rights.

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The Anti Defamation League Shelters Christian Zionism

An unnamed reporter from the Anti Defamation League (ADL) claimed to be present at the JAM Islamic conference for Peace in suburban Baltimore on August 16th where I was one of the speakers. My topic, Christian Zionism, may sound unusual for an Islamic conference, but not to the event sponsor, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, whose conference theme was unity for peace. *1)

The ADL took exception to a number of speakers, including former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark. “Peace” seems to be a threat to the ADL. In its official publication the ADL carried no less than three stories about the conference and had this to say about your writer:

Charles (“Chuck”) E. Carlson is a co-founder and director of We Hold These Truths, an Arizona-based Christian anti-Semitic group. We Hold These Truths has held demonstrations around the county outside churches it views as supporting Zionism. *2)

The ADL frequently arranges for interference with meetings where it does not want the subject matter aired. This writer has twice previously been among the scheduled speakers at meetings where the host hotel was intimidated to cancel the banquet room accommodations on the day of the event. I was told there was pressure from unnamed, but presumed powerful local businessmen thought to be associated with the ADL. In each case the hotel management caved under pressure, and at no small legal risk to their companies, they put the scheduled meeting in the street. In both cases the meeting, one in Sacramento CA and the other in Orange County CA were able to reconvene hastily elsewhere.

A more damaging case revealing how the ADL attempts to silence those exposing Christian Zionism.  Duke University was the scheduled site of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement’s two-day conference on October 15, 2004. That time the Anti-Defamation League publicly objected to several speakers it labeled as “anti-Semites.” It also claimed one student speaker was prone to petty violence.

full article: http://www.insight-info.com

ADL Hates You

ADL Hates You