Insecurity in America following the financial crisis

Three policemen have been killed in Pennsylvania putting fear into American’s hearts about a security crisis. In this case a 23-year-old man named Richard Poplawski lost his job and then fired at three policemen resulting in their deaths. This event happened one day after people were killed in an immigration center in New York. In that case, a person by the name of Jiverly Wong killed 13 people before committing suicide.

The possibility of a security crisis occurring in America increases with these two events. A number of such events have occurred after the financial crisis started in the summer of last year – all stemming from unemployment and poverty. For instance, at the end of January a person in Los Angeles killed his wife and five children after losing his job and before committing suicide. A few days later in Alabama a person killed ten people for the same reason. The repetition of these events shows that the American society is on the verge of anarchy stemming from the financial crisis. Zibigniew Brzezinski, a former advisor to Jimmy Carter, warned last month that America will see security problems. Therefore, in conditions where 600 thousand people loose their jobs every month joining the lines of unemployment the numbers of people who are loosing their homes are increasing. When they become homeless the chances of them becoming violent are greater. Statistics show that the percentage of unemployment in America has reached 8.5 percent and in some states this number has surpassed ten percent. It is predicted that this number will be two figures throughout America by the end of the year. The American government implemented strategies last month in order to combat the financial crisis and create job opportunities. They have not worked so far.

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