One forth of the world’s inmates in America

American senator Jim Webb (Virginia) announced that one fourth of the world’s inmates are in America. He said that the conditions of prisons in this country are a blemish on the country and demanded that these conditions improve.

The senator suggested that a group of experts be established to prepare a report about the conditions of criminal courts in America and the prisons of the country.

Jim Webb, a democratic senator, suggested that the number of inmates in this country should be decreased and was supported by Senator Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania), a republican. He believes that the conditions of the criminal courts in the United States are unhealthy and are blemishing the country.

He announced that America comprises five percent of the world’s population while 25 percent of the world’s prison population is in America.

Senator Webb severely criticized the prison industries for the common practice of selling drugs in prisons and the 400 percent increase of psychological illnesses in prisons.

There are now 5 million people in America on conditional leave or being tested with some sort of freedom.

According to this report, the mentioned experts must formed from members of the courts, the police force, medical organizations, and social organizations. The president of the United States will choose the head of this group.

Barack Obama stated that he would change the conditions of prisons in America and throughout the world. But, so far nothing has been done.

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