There is no place for defeat against Hamas

Amos Gilad

Amos Gilad

A high security minister of the Zionist regime emphasized that Hamas will never be quiet until Israel is completely destroyed.

Amos Gilad, the coordinator of government operations in the territories, warned this regime about the strategic dangers of Hamas.

Since the resistance organizations in Gaza and Lebanon are continuing their efforts to destroy Israel, he warned the international community of giving them legitimacy by holding talks with them.

He spoke in a security conference in Tel Aviv. He added: “Hamas is working very logically and they are following the notion that Israel does not have the right to exist.”

Gilad said that Hamas is very fanatical and said that there is no place for defeat in front of them – even if we have to use the strongest military advancement that the world has ever seen in Gaza.”

He confessed to the power of Hamas and claimed: “When Hamas sees Israeli weakness they will break the peace and will be prepared to fight in a Gazan War.”

This security agent emphasized that Hamas is not after peace with Israel, rather they are using the political talks as a deceptive strategy obtaining time.”

Lately, Europe has been whispering the notion of holding talks with Hamas, which Gilad says would only give them international credibility. Recently a European group traveled to Damascus and held talks with Khaled Mashal, the political leader of Hamas.

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