Forces under the command of America killed five members of one family in Afghanistan

An Afghani policeman announced that the forces under America’s command killed five members of one Afghan family during their attack on Logar.

General Mustafa Muhsini, the chief of police in Logar, added: “This tragedy took place in the village Dasht Charkh at a time when the forces under America’s command attacked a civilian building.”

He added: “Abd al-Rashid and four of his children were killed in air and ground strikes. Another member of this family was injured.”

This general stated: “The victims were farmers and the police did not have any reason to think that they were cooperating with terrorists or criminals in the Logan province.

But, an American spokesperson stated that the forces under America’s control killed five fanatics in this area and arrested a suspect.

General Muhsini stated in regards to the attack: “This attack did not have the cooperation of the Logan province.”

Ghulam Ihsan, a citizen of Logan, stated: “Hundreds of villagers gathered near the house of Abd al-Rashid and formed a protest.”

He added: “The citizens are very angry. If we stay calm the foreigners will continue to come and kill us – just as they killed many people in the Kandahar and Helmand provinces.”

More than American soliders are stationed in Logar and Wardak which is located to the west of Kabul, Afghan’s capital.

Islam Times

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