I am innocent

Muntazar al-Zaydi

Muntazar al-Zaydi

Muntazar al-Zaydi, an Iraqi jouralist who created the ‘shoe intifada’ by throwing his shoes at George Bush, the former president of the United States of America, said in his second appearance in court that he is innocent.

Muntazar al-Zaydi appeared for the second time in front of Abd al-Amir Ihsan, an Iraqi criminal judge in the region al-Karkh of Baghdad, Iraq’s capital. He is being charged with throwing his shoes at Bush.

The judge said that after al-Zaydi is convicted he will be sentenced to three years in prison for bothering the president of a foreign country on an official visit.

This Iraqi journalist emphasized in his court appearance that he is innocent. Al-Zaydi added: “My reaction was natural and any Iraqi who was in my place would have done the same thing.”

Yahya al-‘Atabi, al-Zaydi’s lawyer, stated: “We are predicting this because he is being charged with bothering a president of a foreign country on an official visit. He is facing up to 15 years in prison.”

Today, when al-Zaydi was entering the courtroom he was informed that two of his coworkers in the television station Al-Baghdadiyah were killed in an explosion in the region of Abu Ghrayb. When he heard this he started crying.

No journalist was able to attend the court hearing; the only people who were able to enter the courtroom were the team of lawyers. When Al-Zaydi’s family members were refused entrance they screamed that this is an American court.

Al-Zaydi was born on the 15th of January, 1979 and was brought into the courtroom wearing brown prison clothing and being escorted by many security agents.

The judge opened the court hearing by reading the answer given by Iraq’s prime minister to a question raised by the court. The answer stated: “George Bush’s visit was an official visit when the shoes were thrown.”

Al-Zaydi’s team of lawyers consists of 25 people who want the charges to be dropped because, as they claim, all Al-Zaydi was doing was showing his contempt for Bush’s policies in Iraq.

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