Ahmadinejad emphasizes the need of Islamic countries to be independent

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the prince of Qatar discussed the important issues of the region.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with Shaykh Hamadi bin Khalifa ath-Thani, the prince of Qatar, in Tehran. He emphasized the need for Islamic countries to protect their honor and independence. He also stated that it is necessary that Islamic countries cooperate with each other to actualize their nations’ benefits.

The Iranian president clearly stated in regards to the international economical drought and the defeat of international armies that the west is trying to solve its problems by forming new systems and transferring them to other countries. Independent countries must create systems that are in their own benefit and prevent the moves of the western countries.

Qatar’s prince praised Iran for their progress in various fields and said that the Islamic world has strengths like Iran and that the progress that is made in this country is to the benefit of the Islamic world.

Qatar’s prince, in regards to the situation in Gaza, added that the Zionist regime, with the green light given by some countries, intended to occupy Gaza. But, the Doha conference and the support of the region prevented them from doing so.

Islam Times

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