Gaza: a test ground for forbidden weapons

The 22-Day-War in Gaza was another scene of the Zionist regime in Israel breaking international treaties. Israel did create any red lines for itself in this war and used forbidden weapons as much as possible. It is unfortunate that the international community, who should have supported the oppressed nation at that time, remained silent and allowed the Zionists to continue their crimes.

Active medics in Gaza confessed that the Zionist regime used forbidden weapons in the Gaza War; weapons which were forbidden in international law.

They announced that when the injured Palestinians – injured by white phosphorus bombs – were treated burns were seen that were not seen in any other burn victims.

A German physician witnessed the injured Palestinians and stated that he saw victims of chemical warfare throughout the war and that this was the first time he was faced with such patients. Many other doctors were faced with these types of patients.

These new injuries and burns show that Israel used forbidden chemical weapons abundantly because the victims were numerous.

The doctors in Gaza believe that the injuries inflicted might not seem so deep but in the future the damage that they caused to their muscles and joints will be seen.

Islam Times

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