England established Israel and asks for Palestine’s forgiveness

A British MP said that England must seek forgiveness from the Palestinian people because of occupying its land and giving it to the Jews in 1917

Kevin Ovenden, is one of the heads of a convoy set out to help the people of Gaza. He said that one of the main goals was to put forth an effort to make up for the pain caused to the Palestinian people by the English in 1917.

He said that Viva Palestina was not sent only to provide aid for the people of Gaza, rather it was also set out to correct the mistakes that have been made in the region.

Islam Times

He stated that the Israeli occupation of Palestine did not start in 1948, rather it started in 1917 when the British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour promised that a Jewish nation would be built on Palestine. He gave a right to a people who did not deserve this right.

The British MP added that Belfour was a dictator and did not ask the opinion of the English people in this regard. This was not decided by a vote. Therefore, we have come to this land to make up for this enormous mistake and we seek forgiveness from the people of Gaza.

He also stated that the people of Palestine have full rights to decide the destiny of their country.

It should be said that the convoy in which Kevin Ovenden is a part of and which is called Viva Palestina is comprised of political figures and members of the British Parliament, including George Galloway.

This convoy traveled all the way from England and reached Gaza after being attacked in Egypt.

In this regard the European Union called the Zionist regime usurpers and stated that they are illegally obtaining land in Jerusalem by building illegal settlements, destroying Palestinian homes, and implementing racist policies.

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