The Prophet’s (s) role in creating unity and brotherhood amongst the Muslims

“Verily the believers are brothers so make peace between your two brothers.”

The first point that stands out in the Prophet’s (s) life is brotherhood and unity in which he practically implemented amongst his followers. He also mentioned it on various occasions. In the first years of the migration, when the numbers of Muslims increased when the people of Medina accepted Islam, he made the brotherhood contract between the Muslims of Mecca (muhajireen) and the Muslims of Medina (ansar). In order to emphasize this matter he repeatedly stated: “A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim – do not oppress him and do not make him surrender to you.” He also stated: “A Muslim is for a Muslim like a building where every brick increases the overall strength of the building.” At this moment he would put his fingers together to stress the importance of what he is saying.

It seems as if the Prophet (s) saw what was going to happen after him in that the Muslims will form sects and the members of each sect would fight with the members of other sects. That is why he clearly explained Islam in that it causes unity amongst the Muslims by saying: “Whoever testifies to the oneness of Allah; whoever faces our direction of prayer; whoever prays like us; whoever eats the meat that was slaughtered by Muslims is a Muslim.”

In another tradition it states: “A person who tastes Islam is a person who is satisfied with Allah, his Lord. Islam is his religion and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Abdullah bin Umar also narrated a tradition from the Noble Prophet (s) which states: “I have been ordered to fight against the people until they bear witness to the oneness of Allah and the messengerhood of the Prophet (s); until they pray and pay religious taxes. When they act in accordance to these their blood and property would be respected, unless they are in opposition to a right that Islam has ordained. The account of all of this is with Allah.”

Even in the last years of the Prophet’s (s) life in Medina where the practical laws of Islam were completed and hordes of people accepted Islam a five-facet document was sent to all of the people who have a tendency for accepting Islam. This was the determining factor behind the practical method of Islam and Muslims and attacking the sanctuaries of a person who has accepted the five mentioned facets was prohibited.

This document which was announced through the Prophet and after him through the divine religious leaders (a) is as follows: The Prophet stated that Islam is secure under five foundations:

  1. Bearing testimony to the oneness of Allah and the messengership of the Prophet.
  2. Praying.
  3. Paying the religious dues.
  4. Performing the pilgrimage.
  5. Fasting in the month of Ramadan.

The Prophet (s), with utmost clarity, stated in regards to the importance of unity amongst the Muslims and refraining from creating sects: “Unison causes goodness and division causes punishment. Whoever distances himself from the unison will die the death of a person in the state of ignorance.” Referring to the words of the Messenger of Allah (a) shows that he invited the nation to unity.

The Prophet (s) did not consider there to be any merits over one’s tribe, language, race, or the likes – the only merit of a human over another human is by piety.

The Prophet states: “The person’s tribe and family relations whose actions cannot lead him anywhere will not lead him anywhere either.”

When everyone knows that their creator is one and when everyone knows that they came into existence from one father and one mother they will fall under the ruling in the verse: “Verily believers are brothers.” As a result, they will desire for their religious brother what they desire for themselves and they will not desire for their religious brother what they do not desire for themselves.

The Prophet (s) practically established brotherhood between the Muslims from Mecca and the Muslims from Medina in Medina. This pact was so valuable that the Muslims who partook in it took pride in being a part of it.

So, what happened in that over time divisions occurred? Is it not the case that those who are unaware of Allah and those who are the enemies of the time have used division to destroy Islam? Imam Khomeini (r) stated that the people who occupied Muslim lands and the people who sought power separated Muslims from one another forming numerous nations. When the huge Othmani government was established the occupiers divided it up. Russia, the countries surrounding Russia, and all of the other occupiers joined forces and fought against it. Each one of these countries took a part of it or, in the least, influenced a part of it. It must be said that most of the rulers of the Othmani government were not suitable for leadership and some of them were corrupt. But, this was the danger of occupiers – they would find the righteous from amongst the nation, use the people to put them at the head of the government, and strongly put up a nationalistic front. After the many battles of the First World War they divided up the Othmani government creating ten to fifteen small countries. Each small portion was given to one of their supporters.

Another factor behind division was the incorrect actions of the Muslims themselves. Ones actions has an effect on others – an effect that is different than speech. The effect of speech is short-lived while the effect of action is deep and rooted. Therefore, it has been said since ancient times that 200 sayings are not worth half of an action. According to this, Islam has ordered its followers to invite people to Islam with their actions before they invite them with their speech. Islam strongly prohibits one to invite someone to do something that they do not do themselves. This is considered a greater sin.

Since Islam is an international religion and all Muslims have the duty of trying to spread this grand message. Muslims cannot shirk the duty of guiding others. Therefore, it is necessary for Muslims to invite people to Islam through their actions before they invite them through their speech. It is self-evident that all people are not able to recognize the religion by only referring to the principle sources; rather, most people recognize Islam through the actions of Muslims. Therefore, each Muslim must become a speaking Quran; a walking Islam. Sometimes the humanistic action of a follower of a certain school of thought affects another human being more than a hundred times that of speeches or books. It attracts them to the specific school of thought. The opposite is also true. If you look at the complaints that people have with religion you will realize that the complaints are normally about the followers of religion and not about the principle religion itself. For instance, it has been seen many times that one would say if such and such religion brings about success then why is the follower of that religion unsuccessful? This religion did not guide him and did not prevent him from committing evil actions. God-willing we will witness Islamic unity in the society.

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One forth of the world’s inmates in America

American senator Jim Webb (Virginia) announced that one fourth of the world’s inmates are in America. He said that the conditions of prisons in this country are a blemish on the country and demanded that these conditions improve.

The senator suggested that a group of experts be established to prepare a report about the conditions of criminal courts in America and the prisons of the country.

Jim Webb, a democratic senator, suggested that the number of inmates in this country should be decreased and was supported by Senator Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania), a republican. He believes that the conditions of the criminal courts in the United States are unhealthy and are blemishing the country.

He announced that America comprises five percent of the world’s population while 25 percent of the world’s prison population is in America.

Senator Webb severely criticized the prison industries for the common practice of selling drugs in prisons and the 400 percent increase of psychological illnesses in prisons.

There are now 5 million people in America on conditional leave or being tested with some sort of freedom.

According to this report, the mentioned experts must formed from members of the courts, the police force, medical organizations, and social organizations. The president of the United States will choose the head of this group.

Barack Obama stated that he would change the conditions of prisons in America and throughout the world. But, so far nothing has been done.

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The Workforce in America in dire straits

The difficult situation of America’s workforce is continuing.

Last week eight thousand Americans signed up for unemployment benefits breaking the record set in the previous week.

Since the beginning of the financial crises in America, starting at the end of 2008, the number of people who lost their jobs and signed up for unemployment is 5,600,000.

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Saudi Arabian forces break up a protest in Qatif

Saudi Arabian security forces broke up a protest in the city Safwi, al-Qatif.

Eye witnesses announced that the Saudi Arabian government and security forces broke up a protest held in the city of Safwi, in the province of al-Qatif. The protest was over the actions of a security force that attacked Shia pilgrims near the Prophet’s tomb last month – especially disrespecting the women.

After this event there has been unrest in Saudi Arabia and the government has placed many security agents in the provinces of Ahsa’ and Qatif.

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Israel’s actions in Gaza were unprecedented crimes committed against humanity

Richard Falk

Richard Falk

The United Nations announced that the Zionist regime is responsible for committing new forms of war crimes in Gaza including imprisoning civilians.

Richard Folk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, stated that the crimes committed against the Palestinians in the latest war were crimes against humanity. He said that these crimes included breaking human rights and other crimes against humanity.

He added that Gaza was full of civilians and that there was no legal method of performing military missions with the various weapons that were used.

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He stated that Israel imprisoned Palestinian civilians by not allowing them to leave the battlefield in Gaza.

Falk, last week, emphasized that, after investigation, if some people were found responsible for the war crimes the next step would be to form a criminal court under the supervision of the United Nations.

In the 22-Day-War against Gaza, 1,330 people were killed; 437 of them being children and 110 of them being women. Also, 5,450 Palestinians were injured.

America criticized for breaking the Iraqi security agreement

Hadi Amiri, the head of Iraqi’s parliament security committee criticized American officials for breaking the security agreement made between Baghdad and Washington.

In an interview with the Iraqi newspaper al-Mashriq he stated in regards to the freeing of thousands of prisoners accused of committing terrorist activities that it is counted as breaking the security agreement of the two countries.

He clearly stated that in accordance to the agreement American soldiers are obliged to hand the prisoners over to the Iraqi government so that their accusations could be substantiated. But, freeing them without consent enflames the fighting in various corners of Iraq.

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Zionist commanders ordered soldiers to shoot and not worry about the consequences

Reserve soldiers of the Israeli army who participated in the Gaza War said that Israeli commanders ordered the soldiers to shoot and not worry about the consequences.

Amir Marmor, a 33-year-old reserve soldier, said in this regard: “He said in this operation we are not taking any chances. Morality aside, we have to do our job. We will cry about it later.”

A Zionist newspaper published reports of this nature on Thursday. They affirmed that some of their fellow soldiers killed innocent people in the Gaza War, which ended about two months ago. They killed children because they were sure that nobody would legally pursue the matter.

According to one of the reports an Israeli sniper killed a Palestinian woman and two children because he did not understand the command given to him by another soldier.

The Zionist regime responded to these reports by saying that a criminal investigation must be performed in regards to the claims of the soldiers. Ehud Barak said that these exceptional reports would be looked into with precision.

A group of former Israeli soldiers called ‘Breaking the Silence,’ after reporting from 15 soldiers, told the Guardian that there are other reports of killing civilians and destroying houses.

After these reports were published Palestinian groups and human rights groups accused the Zionist regime of disregarding international law in the attack on Gaza.

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New crimes committed by the Zionist Army in the Gaza War

New evidence shows the depths of the crimes committed by the Zionist army against the Palestinian people, especially in its latest attack on Gaza.

A team of Israeli doctors accused the Israeli army of attacking medical centers in the Gaza War. The evidence provided for this accusation came from international human rights organizations and confessions of soldiers in the Israeli army who were sent to attack Palestinian civilians.

The organization Physicians for Human Rights-Israel stated: “Not only did the Israeli army surround families not saving the injured, rather it did not even allow Palestinian doctors to enter the attacked areas in order to heal the injured.”

Israel, in some cases, did not even give the permission for the injured to be carried out of the ‘hot areas’ leaving the injured for extended periods of time without food and water.

Zoë Bintwich, a member of the Physicians for Human Rights-Isreal, said: “In my opinion, that which took place in Gaza, was ordered by the highest level of Israeli officials. The soldiers shot at the civilians in Palestine without making any sort of distinctions.”

This organization also announced: “16 doctors were killed by Israeli bullets in the Gaza War and 25 others were wounded while performing their duties.”

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National Reform in Iraq warns about the return of Ba’thist agents

The Iraqi political party National Reform led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari expressed fear about the return of the Ba’thist party in the Iraqi political arena.

The National Reform party, led by the former prime minister, in a statement announced that the return of the Ba’thist party to the Iraqi political arena is something that must be rejected – whether it is in the form of a group or an ideological current. National unity must not mean the return of this party to the political scene.

This Iraqi political party, in this statement, said that it is necessary for all Iraqis to participate in the political process, except those who committed crimes against theIraqi people.

In the present week, whispers of communication between the Iraqi government and some branches of the Ba’thist party traveled through Baghdad. This was rejected by official sources.

It was mentioned in an Arabic newspaper not long ago that the Ba’thist party has connections with some western states with the purpose of regaining power.

According to that report, Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries, pressured by America, demand the return of the Ba’thist party to the Iraqi political scene.

The Iraqi government emphasized time and time again that, according to the constitution, the Ba’thist party cannot return to the political arena of this country.

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The Zionist army attacks the Gaza Strip again

The Zionism army fought against Palestinian soldiers near Khan Youssef in the southern region of Gaza.

A few Israeli army vehicles, supported by three tanks and a bulldozer entered the region and started firing ammunition at Palestinians.

Palestinian warriors reacted to this attack in the region of Farahin by attacking the Zionist force.

Hamas announced that five missiles were fired at the Zionist attackers.

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