The Russian-American conflict in the Caucuses

The decision of Kyrgyzstan to close the American air base was final. Kyrgyzstan announced that this issue will in its parliament. But, it is only considered a gesture because this country is completely controlled by the supporters of its president and it is certain that it will pass.

America established its air base in Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of the war against Afghanistan. 150 million dollars was given to this country as rent for the base.

According to reports, the decision of Kyrgyzstan to close the American Manas Air Base was announced after Kyrgyzstan officials met with Russia. Russia stated that they were prepared to pay 150 million dollars and other perks so that America would not have a base there.

One of the other perks was the payment of a 300 million dollar loan to be paid off with low interest over forty years. Russia also announced that it is prepared to increase this loan to 2 billion dollars.

Although Russia denied its interference into the closing of the American base in Kyrgyzstan, there is evidence that would show their interference beyond any doubt.

The Manas Air Base is very important for America. America uses this base to transfer forces to Afghanistan. The closing of this base could be detrimental for America. There are only two other choices that America could use in order to fly into Afghanistan: Pakistan and Russia. America is never comfortable with Pakistan because of its insecurity, especially since America and NATO caravans have been attacked in Pakistan during the last few days. At this point, Russia suggested to America that they could use their country in their war with Afghanistan. But, this would only occur if America would change their minds in regards to its policy regarding the caucuses and the missile defense system that it wants to place in eastern Europe.

In this state, Russia announced that they would open a new base in southern Russia. This action shows Russia’s desire to increase their influence over the caucus states. NATO has expressed serious concern over Russia’s decision.

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