Larijani takes pride in supporting Hamas

Ali Larijani

Ali Larijani

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s parliament speaker said: We support Hamas because they are oppressed and we take pride in this support.

Ali Larijani said in the Munich Security Conference, during a question and answer session answering a question by supporter of Zionism in the German parliament: “We are forced to have a reason as to why we support Hamas, who are oppressed. But, those who support Israel must be the ones to present a reason.”

He continued by saying that the time has come for a democratic solution to be presented for the Palestinian issue. He stated: “The refugees must return to Palestine and a referendum must be held in this country. The people of this country must be supported.”

The parliament speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran, alluding to the victory of Hamas in a democratic election, asked: “Why was Hamas militarily and economically surrounded after they won a free election that was oversaw by international representatives?”

Ali Larijani considers the Zionist regime to be the starters of the latest conflict in Gaza. He said: “This regime pressured the Palestinians by closing the crossings and preventing food and necessary equipment from reaching them.”

By alluding to the inhumane tactics of the Zionist regime in the war against Gaza, he said: “This country destroyed about 20 thousand homes, killed over 300 hundred people, and injured over 5000 in this war. But, only 40 Israelis were killed.”

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