Hamas became David and we became Goliath in the eyes of the world

David and Goliath

David and Goliath

The Zionist newspaper Haaretz mentioned the Israeli defeat in the Gaza War. It stated that the aftershocks of this defeat still continue to hit.

Haaretz wrote that it became clear only after the last Israeli soldiers returned from Gaza how meaningless this war was. It became clear how big of a defeat we suffered. This discussion is not about an ethical loss, although they did suffer an ethical defeat, rather it is not being able to achieve the goals that were announced. This war destroyed the face of Israel in the world. We will have to wait a little bit; when the scream of victory calm down we will start to understand the dimensions of this defeat.

This Zionist newspaper said that they lost the war because they were not able to achieve their goals – stop the firing of missiles and regrouping the army after the war with Hizbollah. It stated that they were not able to effect their enemy and stop it from advancing its program. Missiles were being fired to the last moments and the Israeli army was not rebuilt.

Haaretz confessed that they were unable to weaken Hamas. It stated that most of its soldiers were not harmed and the public support for Hamas increased. This war increased their patience and their sense of resistance. Haaretz said that it is clear who the David and who the Goliath of this war was. The citizens of Gaza suffered a serious blow in this war but did not change their opinions about Hamas.

The world’s public opinion has been mentioned and this newspaper warned that it will get worse. Serious questions were raised about Israel’s use of weapons that are internationally barred, such as phosphorus bombs and the likes. Serious questions were raised about Israel’s murder of innocent civilians.

These are questions that cannot remain unanswered. International bodies will answer these questions and the Israeli-Hamas debate will be looked into on a deeper. Things will be discovered which will hurt the Zionist regime.


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