Israel’s destruction is a reality; Ahmadinejad was right



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Moshe Feiglin, the leader of the fanatic Jewish sect called Zo Artzeinu (this is our land/country) which is dependant on the Likud Party defended the speeches of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president in regards to the internal destruction of Israel.

What is in my mind does not need to be repeated to anyone. But, I am not opposed to much of what Ahmadinejad stated in the United Nations. The media tries to conceal what he says and refrain from facing it, but put this first glance aside, and listen to his words with precision: “The Zionist regime is falling apart and there is no way to escape its destruction.”

This is the meat of what Ahmadinejad stated which reached our ears from the seat of the United Nations. He did not mean that Israel would be destroyed financially or militarily, rather wanted to state that the merits that the Zionist regime was founded upon are falling and that this fall will end up in the fall of the regime.

I have seen with my own eyes the families of Jewish inmates, in their tents close to Yeshiva Merkaz where they were on a food strike. I visited with them. They wanted to review the words of Ahmadinejad. Isreal’s Minister of Public Security, Avi Dichter, without shame and without knowing what was said, stated that he does not have a great desire to free the Jewish prisoners. Israel now does not care about the principle of trading Israeli prisoners for Arab terrorists. In Israel, where Dichter is the Minister of Public Security, the feeling of desire to free Israeli prisoners is not there, even if the Arabs would free them.

These prisoners, in liberal terms, have at least lost their rights. The Israeli Minister of Public Security wants to prove that food strikes will not change anything. In his opinion these prisoners are accused of breaking Israeli law; they did not defend its borders because instead of defending Israel they stood up against it.

This is how we see that the Israeli regime does not want the prisoners to be taken out of their chains, rather they want them to die in prison.

This is the ethical level of Israeli leaders who only speak of interests. Ethics have no importance with them. If they freed Gilad Shalit they would have done so with disgust because if they do not do it they would not remain safe from international pressure. Now they fear that the inhabitants of Gaza will be given merits similar to those given to Gilad Shalit under international pressure.

While thinking about this issue an ethical joint comes to mind – something that is hidden within Zionists. The leaders of the Israeli regime give so much importance to their interests that they forget the Jewish people. It is as if they consider the Jews to be temporary inhabitants of Israel. It must be said truthfully that they do not consider Arab fighters to be as much criminals as Jewish prisoners. It is here that the children and grandchildren of the Israeli Prime Minister and other Israeli leaders must listen to the speech of Ahmadinejad; the same person who invited us to return to our other promised land.

It seems as if a thought process from the heart of Israel is forming which is similar to being anti-Jew.

Minorities in the Israeli government are not in congruence with the Jews.

It is possible that Ahmadinejad’s words in this year will give us hope. The evil regime of Israel practically kicks us into a well that they created.

But, Ahmadinejad has still yet to realize some angels. He does not know that the Israeli regime is establishing the continuation of the Israeli society in some centers. It is true tat the Zionist regime is falling apart. But, there is no doubt that the Jews must save themselves from this fall.


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