The heavy bill that America has to pay for Israel’s crimes



A week after Israel’s barbaric attack on Gaza, an official organ of the CIA, according to a French news agency, expressed concern over the negative results of this event.

Radio Farda, quoting a French news agency, said: “The Israeli attack strengthened the anti-American block in Iran. People are becoming worried before Obama takes office. One year earlier, Bush in the Annopolis Conference created a hope that Iran’s influence in the Middle East would be lessened. But, Israel’s actions increased people’s respect of Hamas and brought the future existence of the PLO – an organization that America supports – into question.

This report added: “The latest events are another issue that has come into existence. Egypt and Jordan, two key allies of America in the Arab world who support peace with Israel, are in dire straits. They are being accused by many Arab countries and Islamic groups for not taking any steps to put an end to the attacks on Gaza – furthermore are being accused of tacitly confirming the attacks.”

Steven Cook, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in America told the French press that Israel’s attack on Gaza makes America’s diplomatic efforts in bringing peace to the Middle East more difficult. At America’s cost Iran’s influence in the region will increase.

Chris Hedges, an American reporter, emphasized that the American people are partners in crime with Israel in the genocide of Gaza. He says that the people of the world do not hate Americans without reason. He said that this is not a war it is genocide.


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