Plea for help from Seyyed Mahmoud Moussavi’s children

Please forward to any friends you know who know our father:

Salaam Aleikum,

As you know, our father Seyed Mahmood Mousavi has been incarcerated since August 22, 2007. He will be facing sentencing in the second week of October. You have kindly expressed your concern in these difficult times and have offered to help.  Sentencing is the stage where your help can have a direct positive effect in our lives.

In the past few years the law has changed. Judges are now required to take into consideration the character of the defendant when issuing the sentencing.  To help him in this stage of the process, you can write a supportive letter about our father to the judge in an effort to help him receive the lightest possible sentencing.

When thinking of the letters please consider that until now, the judge has not heard of our father’s character. He does not know of my father’s tireless efforts to support and run Al-Nabi Mosque, and to organize and manage the Hejrat Foundation. He does not know how our father would spend at least six months a year to prepare the accommodation and other arrangements for the Hajj caravan. The judge does not know our father’s active role in our community and the sacrifices my dad made for the community. The judge does not know that our father is an honest, trustworthy, and caring man. The judge does not know of our father’s role in our family and how his absence has affected us; nor does the judge know how the community and friends will also suffer from his absence.

We have hired a mitigation expert, Ms. Foongy lee,  who will be helping us highlight the best of our father’s character. She will be working with our new attorney in asking the judge for a less sentencing for our father. She has strongly recommended that our friends and supporters write these character reference letters.

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  1. August 11, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Thank!!! It good content. It good blog for sharing.

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