The Barbaric treatment of a Palestinian by Zionist soldiers

A non-governmental agency in the occupied territories issued a photograph where a Zionist soldier shoots a Palestinian with a rubber bullet in close range.

The Palestinian was a protestor and had his hands tied and eyes covered. He was standing in front of the soldier while another officer held his arms.

According to this agency he was Ashraf Abu Rahmah, 27 years old and was injured in this incident.

 After this agency protested this event and put the film and picture on television, the Israeli army announced that it will conduct the necessary investigations.

 We must all stand up and not let such things happen to our Muslim brothers in the occupied territories. Wherever we are we can do something – in the west we can increase people’s awareness of what is really going on: an informational Jihad.



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  1. rachamim ben ami said,

    September 26, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    I will try, for brevity’s sake, to put this as shortly as possible: the “victim” did eceive a wound on his foot, a surface abrasion as one might see ona someone who fell of their bike. Baton Rounds (real name “rubber bullets” are almost always fatal at less than 150 meters, and this detainee was shot at less than 1.5. which shows us he was not even shot but hurt by a ricochet. The crime though was that the ricochet resulted from a direct order given by the Battalion CO to a Command Sgt who did in fact fire his Launcher at the ground, causing the ricochet.

    Both the CO and the SGT have already been tried, demoted, and imprisoned and so it goes that this is just another sad but not very serious chapter in Life as We Know Int in the military.

    To try to turn it into some grand political statement is a crime in and of itself, and the author should at the very least research pertinent facts as opposed to skimming propaganda sites to make a “story.”

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