Imam Khomeini and Islamic Unity

O’ Muslims of the world! O’ followers of monotheism! The secrets behind all of the problems in Islamic countries are disunity and a failure to cooperate. The secret of success is unity and cooperation. Allah, the most high, said in one sentence: “And hold on to the rope of Allah, everyone, and do not divide.” Holding onto or clinging to the rope of Allah is a way of stating the cooperation of all Muslims with each other. Everyone should be working for Islam, be moving towards Islam, and be working for the interests of Muslims by escaping disunity which is the foundation of all failure. I ask Allah for the greatness of Islam and the Muslims and for the unity of Muslims in the world.

 Sahifah Noor, v.9, p.226, 1979

  I am hopeful that the Muslims of the world who are facing the new century will look into their problems and what causes their problems. I am hopeful that they will take themselves up from under the flags of imperialism by creating unity and moving towards Islam. Muslims who are facing the new century have felt nothing but pain from the countries of the Great Satan – they have seen nothing but crime. They must join together with Allah and think about what to do with Islam.

 Sahifah Noor, v.10, p.79, 1979

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  1. habib balti said,

    April 1, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    i like iran soooooooo iran zindabad alah nigaban

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