Sayyid Khamenei’s meeting with the President of the Qamar Islands:


This is a translation of what was released on the Farsi version of the Supreme Leader’s site


khamenei june 2008


Sayyid Khamenei said: “The Islamic world which has a rich source of natural resources, a strategic geographical location, a lot of land, and a large population of active and educated people can be transformed into a power. But, the old leaders of the world are in opposition to this issue.”


“The enemies of the Islamic world opposed Iran’s nuclear program eventhough they knew it was peaceful because this national movement in Iran is leading to progression.”


“The Islamic world with all of its abilities does not have enough strength to defend itself. Islamic countries must take practical steps in order to implement this issue. They must forget whimsical obstacles, geographical differences, race, and sect.”


“Unfortunately, some politicians, educated people, and scholars in the Islamic world have fallen into this trap. But, everyone must know that the path to strengthening the Islamic world is unity; the heartfelt and practical cooperation between Islamic countries.




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