The Supreme Leader’s meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister

The following are translations of Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s words that have been released on the Farsi edition of


 khamenei nouri maliki

“We are certain that the people of Iraq will pass through these difficult times by their unity and courage reaching a place worthy of them. America’s dreams of Iraq will definitely not articulate themselves.”


“Iraq’s prime minister’s travel to Tehran and the agreements that were made have solidified the unbreakable ties between Iran and Iraq even more.”


“The single movement and the single speech that has come into place in Iraq is a huge success. But, this word ‘unity’ has enemies, who, in reality, are the enemies of the government and the people of Iraq.”


“The occupiers who, without any right, interfere in Iraqi issues with their military and security forces are after things from everyone – from the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people, and the Iraqi elite. They are the greatest problem.”


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